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17, Female
United States
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You probably guessed that I like music and anime. Bacon is another thing i like... mmm... Anyway, I like the colors red, black, white, and orange. I spend most of my day drawing and listening to music. I prefer PS3 over XBOX, Coka Cola over Pepsi and chocolate over vanilla. My favorite animals are anything cat-like. Most of my drawings will probably be Fruits Basket or Paramore if I haven't already said so.
Tools of the trade
When I draw I usually use mechanical pencils because the tip stays sharp and they're great for thin lines. I use a number 2 pencil to shade, a pen to outline and to write my signature, and a basic eraser to erase. Nothing fancy.
Drawing, playing guitar, writing, reading (manga mostly) I don't do much...
Favourite books
My favorite MANGA series by far is Fruits Basket by Natsuki Takaya. It is so funny and it has everything i love in a book. As for books made in America, I would probably have to say Fated by Alyson Noel or the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. I also liked the manga series of Kingdom Hearts. I'm not one for books made in America. Another good manga series is Wedding Peach, even though I'm almost sure it's not very popular.
Favourite movies
So far, I liked Happy Gilmore, Scary Movie 5, A Haunted House, and the Batman series. As for children's movies, the Ice Age series, The Lion King 1,2, and 1.5, and Epic was pretty cool. And some good animes are Fruits Basket (it's an anime too) and I would recommend the older Pokémon episodes and movies (I'm not a huge fan of the newer ones, but still a fan!) The Ouran Highschool Host Club was another good one.
Favourite music
Paramore is my all time favorite band (I LOVE THEM SO!!<3) But they're not all I listen to. I listen to almost anything. Other bands/artists I like are Panic! at the Disco, the all american rejects, flyleaf, fall out boy, green day, linkin park, trapt, my chemical romance, and simple plan. Those are the ones I listen to the most.