Repentance Drawing

Repentance © 2019 Shift 14 / 22

Uploaded: Jun 8, 2012
Artist: Shift
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Artist comments

It's been a while since I've uploaded anything wolf-related, so I conjured this up in about an hour. As well as a normal artwork upload, this is also my first submission to Pencilmein and Iceheart's 'Running Wolves Club,' for the Chibi Wolves drawing thing they're doing. Anyway, I've decided to call this drawing 'Repentance,' since I happened to listen to Dream Theater's song of the same title while I was drawing the second wolf you see howling behind the sleeping one. The song influenced me to draw him in a state of misery as if he were asking forgiveness of something. So anyway, I hope y'all enjoy this simple thing I drew, and soon I have something killer to upload, or at least I think it's killer, lol!