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Yo. My name is Amy, and I'm 16. I am a crazy fan of Ouran and Furuba, (thanks to Animegirl, she got me on the hang of it XD) and love to draw. I have pale brown skin, and I finally have the color of my normal hair back, which is black XD. I'm around 5"1 and have onyx eyes. I love RPing, though I only do humans, I'm not a big fan of animal RPs ^^; I like to read fanfiction, and hopefully I will get to write one once my RP has finished up, so hopefully that would boost my writing skills. I'm somewhat strange, yet easy to talk to. I love IMing, so please send me one. I'm easygoing so you can be friends with me. What I really hate about me is that I'm really picky and tend to just pick the worst thing (like clothes, etc.) and only ended up regretting it. I like to watch Fruits Basket and Ouran in my spare time, play piano (I can play some songs from OHSHC!) cook, listen to music, annoy my brother and sleep, sleep, sleep, draw and play guitar. I am a PC gamer and I love to play
Tools of the trade
I use a 5B pencil for sketching because of its hardness and its easy to rub out. Then I outline the 5B with a HB pencil so it's more clearer. For outlining the outlines, I would use a 0.5 Artline pen, and they work nicely. Coloring, I use Prismacolors, Derwent, Fable Castell and Crayola, they all make a nice mix ^^ For my digital artwork, I like to go on ChickenSmoothie because of their wonderful art program, ChibiPaint, I use my first layer to sketch, and I add another layer, set to multiply to outline. After I have outlined, I go back to my first layer and erase the sketch. Since I only use 2 layers (Mainly cos I'm not experienced in them,) I color on the first layer. The tools for digital art I use are; Watercolor tool, airbrush, pen, pencil, blender and smudge. I'm not a big fan of the dodge and burn tool, because I don't know how to use them correctly. However, I only use the burn tool to indicate what color to use for shading. If you would like to follow my art on ChickenSmoothie, pl
Ehh, drawing, sleeping, listening to music, playing the flute and the piano and watching awesome videos on youtube.
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t.A.T.u, The Cab, Touhou, Rin Kagime, Len Kagime, Becca, Breaking Benjamin, Vic Mignogna, Eminem, The GazettE, Goldfinger, Gregory and The Hawk, Panic! At The Disco, SeeU, KWMS OSTS, KWZDK OSTS, Mika,| MEIKO, Luka, Lily, Miku, GUMI,| Meg and Dia, Nightcore, Remilla Scarlet's Theme: Septette for the Dead Princess, VY2 YUMA, ViViD, Ok Go, Blood on The Dancefloor, Paramore, Marilyn Manson, Caitlin Glass. *whew*