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“HUMAN BEINGS AS A WHOLE CANNOT BE GOOD FOR LONG BEFORE THE BAD CREEPS BACK IN AND POISONS US AGAIN.” , Divergent Veronica Roth. BTW IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE THIRTEEN. This is supposed to be about me. But if I tried to explain "Me", it would be longer than Pi. I'm nobody to most people. I'm just a random kid. But if you make fun of me or my friends or my family, I will be the kid who got in trouble because she punched someone in the face. I TRY to be kind try to be, but I don't try very hard. I will try if you are nice to me and I can be friendly! I am random, weird, shy, can be a grammar Nazi, and a geek. I DON'T generally trust people fully. I believe in ghosts, the unexplained, and life outside of Earth. I am VERY clumsy. I am sarcastic. I can be rude, but in advanced, I'm sorry. And don't call me a little girl or little child or I will explode. That is all I will type now.
Tools of the trade
Pencil. Paper. Charcoal. Almost anything that makes a mark on the paper. Eraser. A white one. The pink ones don't work.
Reading books. Drawing. Tae Kwon Do. I'm a brown belt. Climbing trees. Playing with fire. Studying my pillow with my eyes closed. Breathing. Minecraft X Box 360 version. Freerice. Girl Scouts. Pokemon. Math Club. Art club. I like PI. 3.141592653589793. To sum it all up , I'm a geek. Thinking. Writing. Falling on my face, wait no not falling. I'm not falling I"M TESTING GRAVITY.. By the way, it works... Gardening. Swimming in air (by the way, it is really hard)
Favourite books
DIVERGENT ,INSURGENT AND ALLEGIANT-Veronica Roth. THE BOOK THEIF. All the Percy Jackson books. Legend-Marie Lu. Harry Potter books.All the Hunger Games books. The Warriors Books by the Erin Hunters. Michael Vey by Richard Paul Evans. Lemony Snicket- A Series Of Unfortunate Events. White Fang By Jack London. To build a fire-Jack London. The Call Of The Wild By Jack London.Narnia- C.S. Lewis. The Devil Arithmetic Jane Yolen. All Dr. Seuss books.The Mortal Instruments. Artemis Fowl Eoin Colfer. the Supernaturalists-Eoin Colfer. . Stargirl, forgot who it's by. Basically any dystopian book. Fly By Night- Don't know who it's by. Zach's lie- Don't know who it's by.Catherine Called Birdy- IDK about the author... Life as we knew it series.John Green. the Giver series. Amulet series. And a lot more books but I would need a lot more pages. Number the Stars. Night. Zombies vs. Unicorns, Lois Lowry etc.
Favourite movies
Divergent! The Hunger Games. Avatar: The Last Air Bender. The Legend of Korra...Percy Jackson. Teen Titans. American Ninja Warrior. Good Eats. Harry Potter. Coraline. World War Z. The Monster Inside Me. Silent Library. Dude, What would happen? Money for Strangers. Cash Cab. Narnia. Frozen. ASDF Movie. Unwrapped. We Were Soldiers. The 13th Warrior. Olympus Has Fallen. End of Watch. Real Steel. Impractical Jokers. Disney movies.
Favourite music
<3 Linkin Park. Mumford and sons. Green day. White Stripes- Seven Nation Army. Skyscraper- Demi Lavato. I mostly like soft rock. Imagine Dragons. Coldplay. The Toast song. Harry Potter in 99 seconds. Narwhal song. Songs from Frozen. Daddy's Little Girl- Frankie J. Other songs.....Random classic rock songs. Go Radio. Of Monsters & Men.
Too time consuming. i already busy watching over my zombie. RALPH DON'T EAT THAT PERSON.
Uh, no. Maybe if you ask...
My zombie might eat someone when I'm not watching. NO HUMANS ARE FRIENDS NOT FOOD. RALPH.
HINT: MYspace My space is around me.
I don't want Facebook in my face.
Don't have feathers. Wait, let me check. No I don't. What a relief.