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15, Female
United States
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Hola~ My name is Chloe. I like drawing, singing, anime, vocaloids, and lots of other stuff. There's a strong chance I have ADD. I'm a very complex person. If уоu шаииа таlk то ме gо анеаd. As you can see I like Russian letters. I'm learning Japanese and Italian and Spanish. I'm Mexican/African American. I HATE homophobes and stereotypes. So if you are/do one of those things, LEAVE. Run away from this profile and NEVER come back.
Tools of the trade
2,4,6b pencils. Mechanical pencil. Artist Loft colored pencils.
Singing, drawing, talking, being with friends, being online, going on tumblr, cooking
Favourite books
Harry Potter Hunger Games Twillight
Favourite movies
Orphan Hetalia: Paint it White
Favourite music
Anime Music Vocaloid Music Pop music R&B Music Hip Hop music Some Rap Music Classical (only when Austria is playing it) Country (shiz is da bomb!) Oldies (talking 98.1 )