how to draw a llama
Step 5. How to Draw a Llama
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Uploaded: September 29, 2008
Artist: Dawn
Difficulty: Intermediate  Intermediate Skill Level
Steps: 6
Updated: March 21, 2010
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Artist comments

Okay well in this next tutorial I wanted to show you how to draw another animal called the llama. As you know llama's are close relatives of the camel, but it was thought in the past that they had more similarities to the sheep instead. The llama belong to the camelid family and there are currently four different kinds of camelid species the llama being one of them. The other three are the alpaca, guanaco and vicuna. All four specie of these animals are said to be related to the Asian camels. In the past llamas and alpacas where used by the Incan Indians for food and fiber. Almost like how the North American Indians used the Bison for their hides and meat. The only difference between the two Indians is that the Incans furthered the use of llamas and alpacas by domesticating the two animals and then they learned to breed and use them for working animals. The llama can carry up to thirty five percent of their body weight. Considering that they weighed anywhere between two hundred fifty to three hundred fifty pounds meant a lot to the Incan people. Unfortunately, the Incan culture started to collapse and so did the need for llamas. It wasn't until twenty five years ago that the llama started becoming a more popular and useful animal especially with the United States. The llama not only weigh a considerable amount, they also have some height to them as well. The height of the llama range between five and a half to six feet, which is pretty tall considering that these animals are domesticated and do well with humans and other llama. These animals are also very smart making them very easy to train. Believe it or not, the llama have known to be sheep guards to keep predators away from herds of sheep. Who said you need a sheep dog when there are llamas around? Anyway these animals are much cuter than a camel and they are more loyal as well. In this tutorial you will learn "how to draw a llama", step by step. I colored my llama brown, but you can choose any color you wish to customize you very own. I will be back soon so stick around for more drawing fun.

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