how to draw owls

How to Draw Owls

Step 1.

Each type of owl looks different from the others and has features that are uniquely their own. The showy owl has a tall round head and is mostly white spotted with black and grey. Burrowing owls do as their name sounds, burrow. They have short oval heads and are made up of several shades of brown. Barn owls like to hunt from a perch and like to reside in old buildings suck as old barns and silos. They are also called spirit or ghost owls because of their pale white heart-shaped faces and their small dark eyes. Horned owls have two tufts of feathers on the top of the head that give the appearance of horns, but they are neither horns nor ears, just feathers. They are also called cat owls. Spotted owls are very simple owls. They are mostly brown and covered in small spots of a lighter or darker brown. Their faces sort of look like an apple that has been cut in half.

Step 2.

Unlike what most people thing, and owl's head does not turn around in 360 degrees. It can only turn 180 degrees in either direction.

Step 3.

Their feet are different than the feet of other birds. Most birds only have 3 toes where as the owl has four, each ending in a sharp nail or talon.

Step 4.

Their wings are large ans sort of rounded at the ends and are made up of two different types of feathers. Smaller fuzzy ones much like the ones that cover it's entire body, and long flat feathers that are essential for flight.

Step 5.

Now that we have all the tips out of the way, we can get started on actually drawing our owl. We'll start with a long oval for the body and a short oval for the head, making a cross section to mark out the face.

Step 6.

We'll draw out the face first, making an outline of the face shape, marking the eyes and beak. The beak with be somewhat covered but a small layer of fuzzy feathers.We'll also put some fuzzy feathers around it's neck to show where the body and the head meet.

Step 7.

Next we'll draw the outline for the front of it's body and it's back. They will follow the curve of the oval until towards the bottom, where the front with curve in then back out to show where the legs and feet will be.

Step 8.

Next we'll draw on the wings. We'll have them against the body but you can still see the longer feathers folded against the body like this so it's a good idea to represent them somehow.

Step 9.

Then we can add the tail feathers and the feet. The tail feathers will come to sort of a point while at rest.

Step 10.

Now give him a perch and add a few other details and you're all set. There you have it, how to draw owls. I hope you enjoyed it and I can't wait to see yours.

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Artist comments

Hey everyone. Puzz here again with yet another tutorial. This time 'round I have some tips and tricks and little tidbits for you that will help you out when you're drawing owls. All sorts of little facts that will help you make your owl look just right. Now sit back and get your paper and pencil ready and we'll get started. Don't forget to put your pictures up when they're done for everyone to see them! Enjoy!