how to draw the tardis

How To Draw The TARDIS

Step 1.

Draw a 3D rectangle but erase the top square

Step 2.

Inside the rectangle draw a smaller rectangle on both sides. Above the smaller rectangles, draw a skinny, but long rectangle. Then above that, draw a rectangle that is slightly shorter and slightly skinnier. After that, draw a line down the middle of the smaller rectangle on the left. Once you have done that, draw little curves on the bottom of the shape and connect them with a straight line.

Step 3.

Draw a line down the middle of the smaller rectangle on the right hand side. In those 2 rectangles that you just made, make a rectangle that is slightly smaller than the 2 rectangles. Once you do that, you are going to draw 4 boxes on each side of the rectangle on the left hand side. The top box on each side should be slightly lager than the others. Now draw a 3rd rectangle on the top of the figure. On top of the shape you just made, in the middle of the right row of boxes, draw a light. The light is a cylinder with 2 cones on top of it. There should be an oval with a horizontal line in the middle.

Step 4.

In this step you are going to draw handles on the doors that are to the right. Draw a circle a little bit lower than the right handle. You are going to draw the boxes in the right side of the figure, again, the top box is slightly bigger. In the slightly bigger boxes you are going to outline it and divide them up into 6 equal parts to form the windows. In the box above the windows, you are going to write POLICE BOX in bubble letters. In between POLICE and BOX should say PUBLIC CALL. In the box below the window all the way to the left, draw 2 vertical lines that divide the box into 3 parts. The middle should be the biggest.

Step 5.

This spet just focuses on the box you made in step 4. In the middle box, write, "POLICE TELEPHONE" "FREE" "FOR USE OF" "PUBLIC" (if you could fit this part) "ADVICE AND ASSISTANCE" "OBTAINABLE IMMEDIATLEY "OFFICERS & CARS" "RESPOND TO ALL CALLS" (write the rest) "PULL TO OPEN"

Step 6.

This step focuses on the shading of the right side. The line down the middle should be darkened and the top right conner of each small box should be dark. There should be some light spots in the conners of small boxes. The horizontal areas of the space in between the small boxes shoould be dark, but not as dark as the rest of the side. Shade the vertican spaces of the areas between the small boxes. Darken the area around the part that says the POLICE BOX thing.The top 2 boxes at the top of the figure should be shaded on the sides and light in th middle. Outline the left door of the TARDIS and under the box that say POLICE BOX on the left hand side.

Step 7.

Now you are adding the shadding on the left hand side. Darken the box that says POLICE BOX. Darken the top left cornner of the top box of the TARDIS. Darken the left and top side of the boxes on the doors. Also darken the bars on the bottom on both sides. Make the light on the top of the TARDIS look round.

Step 8.

And then you have a TARDIS. Please leave comments, but please don't be mean....This is my first tutorial.

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Uploaded: January 1, 2011
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Updated: January 1, 2011
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Artist comments

Here's my first tutorial on the TARDIS. The TARDIS is the Doctor's "space ship". If you don't know who the Doctor is, thoe Doctor is from a popular TV show on BBC called Doctor Who. Doctor Who is about a Time Lord who goes by the name, Doctor. The Doctor flies around in his spaceship the TARDIS. The TARDIS can go in the future and past of time and anywhere in the universe. The Doctor almost always has a companion. The Doctor and his companion travel through time and space battling aliens such as the Weeping Angels, Daleks, Sontarens, and the Cybermen. More about the Doctor, he's a Time Lord, therefore, he regenerates (he reforms into a different person, but is the same person) and can cheat death. If you want to find out more, go to the Doctor Who Wikipedia. I will be posting more Doctor Who rekated things such as how to draw a dalek and how to draw David Tennant (the 10th doctor)