how to draw a building

How to Draw a Building

Step 1.

Everyone remembers building skyscrapers with buildings blocks while growing up, weather they were legos, or duplos or the heavy duty wooden ones that last forever unlike the plastic ones they mass produce today. Well the concept of drawing them isn't all to different from building them with blocks; stacking and layering geometric shapes on top of each other to create a tall building or even a little town of smaller buildings, cubes, rectangles, pyramids and even tall pillars, and many other shapes go into making a building, it all depends on how you put them together.

Step 2.

Knowing what sorts of materials go into making a building will help with the drawing process. There are the man made building materials, bricks and metal. Bricks are normally used to walls while metal is normally used for roofing and support beams. Then there are the natural materials that are cut, wood and stone. Wood is normally used for walls, flooring and support and stone is normally used for creating strong structural wall and for laying foundations.

Step 3.

After you know that, you just have to add the details that made a building, well, a building. You need to be able to get in and out of the building, so you will need a door. Most people like to be able to look outside of the building, so you'll need windows. And then most buildings will have TV or radio antenna or even satellite dishes for receiving and transmitting media.

Step 4.

Now let's give it a try! First we'll start with our building blocks. If you're working on paper for this, you can use a ruler to get your lines straight, but if you're working on the computer with a program like photoshop, things can be a little tricksome. Some programs are made so that if you hold the shift button while making a line, it will make a straight vertical or horizontal line. You can make angled lines from one point to another but making a dot at one point then, while holding the shift key, make a dot at the other point, this should create a line. If not, you can always use the handy line draw tool.

Step 5.

Next we'll map out our details, where we want our windows and our doors to be. We can also add other feature's like a small ledge as well as a feature like a bay window (that's a small section that comes out from the building and normally has seating on the inside or a darn good place for a breakfast nook or a Christmas tree. Once again, use a ruler or line tool. Don't be afraid of round windows either! I added a little skylight and an antenna too.

Step 6.

Now just outline your details and you're all set for coloring. You can add smaller details like drawing out the layers of pricks or stone, doing the texture of the wooden door or adding a glare to the windows. And there you have it, a quick and easy guide to drawing buildings!

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Here is an extremely helpful tutorial that will guide you on "how to draw a building", step by step. There are tip steps included for you to advance your skills in drawing buildings so you can create your very own scenery for characters, or whatever the usage. Be sure to leave behind some feedback on how you've bettered your skills with this tutorial. Have fun and good luck!

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