how to draw blastus

How to Draw Blastus

Step 1.

Alright, I'm no rocket scientist, but when it comes to drawing a whole character, you'll need to level with the basic shapes. Here as you can see, there are a few recognizable shapes. First and far most, start off with drawing the large circular base for the body. Once completed, sketch out the guides for the head and legs. Notice how the leg guides are more rectangular than the rest. Try not to stress yourself by making these shapes perfect, that's a HUGE mistake when drawing them. You don't want to spend too much time on one process. For a huge tip, use a blue pencil that is easy to erase for the guides. Later on, you'll be able to realize what guides to erase.

Step 2.

Next, let's get the bulk of the character down packed. Start off with drawing the head and then the body base. Drawing from hereon will be MUCH easier. Finish by drawing the legs contained inside the leg guides.

Step 3.

Then, work on the other bulk of the body. Start drawing the goggle-like eyes and then the chest area. When you draw the chest area first, you'll be able to evaluate the placement for the stomach detailing. Finish by drawing the rest of the limbs. Take your time, once you get to the point of rushing, you're bound to mess up.

Step 4.

Next, take your patience and use it at will! Draw extra details that will shape up Blastus quite efficiently. Take care when drawing the details for the stomach area, the lines are quite curvy, and by drawing slowly on curves, you'll make curves VERY wavy. Draw curves swiftly for better ones.

Step 5.

Lastly, finish up on final details; mostly the smaller bolts.

Step 6.

Aha! Here you have the finish drawing. Yours should resemble this to know you've drawn it right. Erase your guidelines that were denoted in the 'grey' color previously in 'Step 1.'. I hope you like your new drawing! Remember, practice, practice, practice! It's all it takes.

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Uploaded: October 21, 2010
Artist: Dawn
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Artist comments

Last tutorial for the main characters of the new cartoon show 'Robotomy'. I have to admit something, drawing this big guy was a HASSLE!. All the weird roundness and sharpness at the same time was very confusing, hence hassle! I think I made the lesson appropiate enough where you'll be able to learn “how to draw Blastus, step by step”. Like I said from the previous lesson on Thrasher, this show looks pretty unique and fun. The style itself is a bit awkward and dreamy...sorta depressing too. It's about two highschool buddies that try to fit in appropiately. Blastus is more of a sensistive guy. He's impulsive and way too confident. Like most kids these days, he'll do anything to become a popular person. This kinda reminds me of Spongebob in a way for some odd reason. The show will premiere on October 24th, a few days before the popular event of Halloween. When you want to “draw Blastus”, you'll want to draw the bulky form first. I would start off with the head and then the large circular body base. Things will get easier from thereon (detailing, facial expression, ect). I sorta had fun drawing Blastus, but not more than Thrasher. I'll probably be one of the firsts to pop on this show when it premieres! It's great to be open-minded to the new things in today's world. Anyways, I'm rambling on about random wack stuff. I hope you'll enjoy this lesson as much as I did! Thanks so much for viewing and rock on!