how to draw piccolo from dragon ball z
Step 2. How to Draw Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z
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Uploaded: June 5, 2008
Artist: Dawn
Difficulty: Intermediate  Intermediate Skill Level
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Updated: January 17, 2010
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Artist comments

Hello and welcome to! Today in this action packed and extremely fun tutorial we will learn how to draw the ancient Namekian Piccolo. I know the name sounds pretty funny but that’s his name. Does anyone know what a piccolo is? It’s an instrument! Hah, I laugh every time I hear the name Piccolo. To get started, Namekians are from the fictional planet Namek. They are green skinned hairless beings that have incredible fighting skills. They can regenerate lost limbs of their body and conjure they’re lost clothing. In the Dragon Ball Z episodes, Piccolo is the only one who doesn’t change his form. His power levels drastically change though. He wears a white turban long cape, a purple Asian martial arts uniform beneath his cape with the addition of an obi, and light weight brown footwear. Sometimes when Piccolo gets into a serious battle, he would take off his cape and fight with just his uniform. My favorite part when he fights was when he was against Cell, Androids 18 and 17, Son Goku, and Raditz. I hated when Raditz died though because he was Goku’s evil brother. I love evilness, it’s exciting and cool in Japanese Anime. Anyways, Piccolo was formed by Piccolo Daimao, an evil counterpart of Kami. Piccolo Daimao reincarnated himself by enclosing into a small egg. Then later the egg hatched and became a Jr. I loved the part when the egg hatched and then there was a small baby Piccolo. Nevertheless, this character started out as an evil bad guy. Once he was defeated by Son Goku, he became allies with him. He also trained Goku’s son Gohan to becoming an excellent and experienced fighter. While he was training Gohan, he developed a strong bond with him. Anyways, I drew him this awesome Dragon Ball Z character using my Wacom Intuos3 tablet while using the computer art program Adobe Photoshop CS. I first sketched him out freehandedly with the tablet and then colored him. It took me a while to color this guy because I tried to get noticeably details on him. Overall the whole image took me about four hours to draw and color. I intend for this tutorial will be the best to help you. I hope you get better at drawing Piccolo and other Dragon Ball Z characters in the future. Check out my other Dragon Ball Z tutorials too! Soon I’ll have every single character up for you to draw! Have fun and enjoy!

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