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Step 5. How to Draw Aang
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Uploaded: June 5, 2010
Artist: Dawn
Difficulty: Intermediate  Intermediate Skill Level
Steps: 7
Updated: June 5, 2010
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Artist comments

Remember when I said I was going to upload more lessons one characters from The Last Airbender? Well, today I will be doing just that, starting with a new version of the main character himself. I will show you "how to draw Aang", step by step. With the old tutorial on Aang, I wrote out a full bio on him, and that is when I was only watching the series every once in a while. What I know now, makes more sense to me than it did back in 2008. What I really like is the incredible action that is in the new movie, and I think they chose the perfect kid to play Aang. Although, he doesn't seem to be as playful as the animated character in the series. As most of you know, Aang is what you call an Air Nomad, but he is also the Avatar that so many villages and people have been waiting for. They have been waiting for the new Avatar because the Fire Lord has been invading tribes left and right. The armies of the Fire Nation, just go where they please, and invade or raid villages and tribes for their own pleasure. Aang didn't always know he was the next Avatar. It was discovered what his fate was when he chose to play with Avatar Relics one day instead of regular things that a normal twelve year old boy would play with. Once it was determined who Aang was, he immediately started his Airbending training. One day, Aang was told that he was being moved to the Eastern Air Temple where he could finish his training, and because of that, he tried to run away with his flying bison named Appa. While in the process of running away, the two where caught in a storm, and to shelter Appa and himself once they plummeted in the water, he entered the Avatar state, which formed a humongous ice block. There he stayed frozen with his flying bison for one hundred years until two kids named Sokka, and Katara freed Aang from the ice block. From then on, he started his journey with his two new friends to learn the three other bending techniques which are Firebending, Waterbending, and Earthbending. The rest of the story can be told by watching the books, and chapters of the series. Or you can wait until the release of the movie on July 2nd. I hope you guys like this new tutorial on "how to draw Aang", step by step. I will be back with a lot more lessons on the way, so stay tuned in to see what they are. Peace out people, and have a happy drawing day!