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Uploaded: May 8, 2008
Artist: Dawn
Difficulty: Advanced  Advanced Skill Level
Steps: 6
Updated: May 8, 2008
P.O.V: Side
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Artist comments

This is going to be a very cool tutorial on a very cool dragon I drew yesterday. I started drawing this dragon at 12 noon and didn’t finish until 1am. So much detail and passion went behind the sketching of this dragon that I call the Mercenary Dragon. As you can see he sort of looks like a cross between a dinosaur and the alien creature in the movie Alien. From the sketch he looks massive, bold, and incredibly strong. I called him a mercenary because he has no wings. The reason he has no wings is because he lost them due to a battle where he killed one of his own kind. After losing his wings, he decided that he would lend out his services to others that needed a beast to do there brutal bidding for them. As you can imagine what type of damage this enormous dragon can cause for any man or creature. The Mercenary dragon did come from a particular race before being labeled a mercenary. He belonged to the Dragaliens. This was a mutated species of dragons that were purposely bred with alien life forms. For him I chose to mutate his dragon DNA with the alien from Alien. The reason behind my madness is because the movie Alien is on my all time favorites list for starters and secondly dragons are my top rated fantasy creatures. This mercenary dragon as you can see is at least 75 feet high 34 feet long and weighs a great deal due to all the dense muscle mass his body holds from his head to his toe. If you look in his mouth, his teeth are razor sharp and they are intricately placed throughout his mouth. His head may seam small but it really isn’t it just has an elongated shape and his bone structure is large and long. When I drew his body I wanted to make sure that I defined just how muscular this dragon was and I think I made the sketch make that point come across. There was no previous sketch used here, meaning I didn’t scan anything into the comp from my sketch pad at all. The sketch you see before is all from scratch and sketched on my tablet. I am super proud of this drawing and it will stay marked as one of my top favorited drawings to date. I hope you enjoy learning how to draw a Mercenary dragon. I labeled it as advanced artistes because of all the detail that is involved. I am also putting up a mini tutorial on what this dragon looks like from the side while he is in movement. In that tutorial he looks like a dinosaur, so after you learn how to draw this dragon move onto the mini version of the Mercenary Dragon.

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