how to draw an anime girl head

How to Draw an Anime Girl Head

Step 1.

as always start with the basics ^^ a circle for the head, guidelines, and a curve beneath for the shoulders.

Step 2.

yay details ^^ so star by drawing the jaw shape, following the curves like so. then draw the neck from that, not too thick or thin, then the shoulders ^^ also don't forget the ear of awesomeness ^^ then do the shapes for the eyes and the noes and your ready for the next step :D

Step 3.

yay for more details ^^ so draw the oval thingy in the eye, the closer in the eye they are to you, the more they look at you ^^ then do the little blush mark thingys below them. add eyelashes also since its a girl. next finish the shoulders with a shirt thingy, then add the collarbones or whatever they are ^^ now for hair... first draw the dot thingy, then draw the lines shown here; keep in mind they all point toward the dot. I like to make bangs stop at the eye and drape over the other places.

Step 4.

sorry for the ugly-looking step -.- anyways, add the shines and pupil for the eyes, and draw the mouth :D also add detail to the ears ^^ then add the strands of hair to the bangs, and make the guidelines for the rest of the hair too ^^ I added a little ponytail-ish thing also

Step 5.

now all that's left to do is shade in the top of the eye, finish the hair, erase guidelines, and all the other stuff necessary. then u can shade ^^ what I always do for shading is choose a light source, then shade the stuff farther away from the light source darker. for example, the light source is the tip-left for this one. i also like to do the shiny thing for the hair. remember there's no one way of drawing people, hair, eyes, etc. form your own style, this is just a help for the basic idea ^^ be sure to comment and rate and stuff ^^

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Uploaded: March 10, 2010
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yeah, not exactly sure how to describe this... not exactly anime, but not anything else either... its just mah style of anime x3 YES I AM ALIVE MWA HAHA I haven't submitted a tut in like months ;A; but since then i have only gotten awesomer :D u didn't think it was possible did u? well IT IS! sooo here is my first tutorial in infinity ^^ enjoyy!

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