how to draw war machine

How to Draw War Machine

Step 1.

This is going to be a time consuming lesson so be prepared. Start with the basics first, the shape of the head, torso, waist, hips, legs, and arms. When all of these parts are sketched out, you will need to add some guidelines inside of the frame, as well as the gun outline that rest upon his shoulder.

Step 2.

Enlarge all the steps that you come into contact with so that you can see all the lines and shapes you will have to draw in order to get the character drawn right. After you enlarge this step, you will notice that you will start sketching out the actual shape and design of War Machine's face and head. He looks a lot like Iron Man so just keep that in mind while you are sketching out the face. Notice how the contoured lines and everything are almost the same.

Step 3.

Again, enlarge the step. You will now start carefully sketching out the top portion of his armoured suit which consists of the shoulders, chest, and shoulder gun. There are many contouring lines that need to be drawn out exactly the way you see them here in order for War Machine to come out looking like the real thing. Once you have finished this step, move to the next.

Step 4.

Continue to sketch out the bicep of the armoured suit and then some of the well constructed forearm. This iron armour is well built, and highly detailed so try and pay attention to the little pieces that need to be sketched out as well to make War Machine look awesome. Once the arm is drawn, finish the torso and begin sketching out the layered waist. The part under the waist looks like an iron ribcage. Draw a hole in the middle of the chest, and then add some dimension to it as well. This is called the chestplate which enables the suit to be powered.

Step 5.

Now you can start working on the hips and thighs of the suit as you see here. Shade in the left arm so that it is silhouetted on the side of his body. Next start again by sketching out the detailed suit as you see it here until you have completely finished this step. Take your time, and work well. It's best to tackle this lesson when you have peace and quiet because it can be a bit frustrating.

Step 6.

Almost done guys! Here you will finish sketching out his arm which is fully equipped with massive weaponry as you can tell by the design. Next draw the fingers for his shielded hand, and then you can start sketching out some more of War Machine's suit. Like I said before, He looks a lot like Iron Man, the only difference is the bolder build, and color. Before leaving this step you will also need to add some detailing to the gun that is attached to the shoulder.

Step 7.

This is it guys, the last drawing step. All you need to do is finished sketching out the legs, and then the cool looking booted feet. Again, add all the necessary contouring lines, and detailing bits to complete this characters design. Erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one to prepare your hero for color.

Step 8.

Your finished line art should come out looking like the one you see here. Color him in and you have just learned how to draw War Machine, step by step. Yeah sure it was hard, but a challenage always keeps us great. Great job everyone. *Just a quick note*- Soon everyone will be able to view, rate, and comment on artwork that you upload with the new site update coming soon to, the #1 drawing tutorial site in the world!

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Uploaded: March 9, 2010
Artist: Dawn
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Artist comments

There is only two more months to go before the release of Iron Man 2 due to be in theaters by May 7, 2010. One surprising thing about the first and second movie that I never knew before, is that both films where directed by Jon Favreau. If you're not familiar with Jon Favreau, he stared in a few movies with Vince Vaughn like Swingers, and “Couples Retreat”. The new Iron Man not only has Tony Stark as the iron forged hero, this time he has a partner that helps him defeat enemies that want to cause chaos and anarchy to the world. His name is “James Rhodes” and he is a lieutenant in the USMC. While in the marines he served several tours as a combat pilot in Southeast Asia. In the movie the character is played by Don Cheadle who is a very talented actor, and probably pulls off the character really well. I say “probably” because I obviously have not yet seen the film, but when I do I will let you guys know what I think. Now according to the story of James Rhodes that I found on various websites, (comic book sites in particular), he was shot down by Vietcong rocket fire and was left stranded in the jungle wandering around behind enemy lines. When he is stranded in this state, it is then he encounters Iron Man for the first time. Obviously Iron Man isn't going to leave a stranded soldier in the jungle which would probably lead to his death. Instead the two help each other so that they can both get out of the jungle, and out of harms way by defeating the Vietcong when they where ambushed. Iron Man explains that he needed the power supply from the aircraft so that he could stay charged, and that he helped the infamous Tony Stark escape from Wong Chu's prison camp. That is how the two first meet and since then, James Rhodes has been Tony Stark's personal pilot. In an effort to keep his armored invention out of the wrong hands, Tony Stark makes new friends, as well as a new member of the superhero team. This lesson will show you "how to draw War Machine", step by step. This comic book character looks just like Iron Man, except he is not red and yellow, and he is more durable looking then Iron Man himself. It is said that Jeff Bridges who plays “Obadiah Stane, will come back in the threequel as "Iron Monger", another kick a@* Marvel character. Jon Favreau said that Iron Man is going to be a trilogy, so you can look forward to more upcoming action packed adventures. Have fun with this lesson, and as time passes, more and more new Marvel villains and heroes will be created, and then eventually uploaded by me as a drawing tutorial for you all to learn from. Peace out people, and happy drawing!