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Drawing  shrek, Added by Dawn, April 21, 2008, 8:12:58 pm
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Uploaded: April 21, 2008
Artist: Dawn
Difficulty: Intermediate  Intermediate Skill Level
Steps: 5
Updated: June 11, 2010
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Artist comments

Who is ready for a really fun character that I know everyone loves. Who am I going to show you how to draw today on Well, I’ll give you hint, he’s green, big, smells bad and has a Scottish accent. That’s right, everyone’s favorite ogre Shrek. When I first seen this movie I laughed my buns off. It was one of the funniest animated computer character generated movies I’ve seen in a long while. The opening of the first seen was classic, how it starts off with sweet enchanting music and narrated by a voice that seems like he is into the fairytale until he needs a piece of the page to wipe his dirty behind with. From beginning to end Shrek was perfect, I loved the opening song, and the end songs. The story goes like this, in an enchanted land filled with fairies and dwarves, there lived an ogre named Shrek. Now like all ogres Shrek loves to be alone in his house set on a small piece of land surrounded by a swamp and he is also feared by all the people in the land of Duloc, but even though people fear this big smelly green creature he has a huge heart of gold. Shrek also finds it perfectly normal to have no friends and put up a defensive wall when ever he is confronted by outsiders. Well that all changes when the ruler of Duloc (Lord Farquaad) orders all fairytale creatures to reside in the peaceful swamp that Shrek made his home. He eventually teams up with a chatter boxed jackass named Donkey when he is set on a quest to rescue Princess Fiona who happens to be trapped in a castle guarded by a fire breathing dragon. Shrek only goes on this long journey because Farquaad made a deal with him where he would get his swamp back if he fulfilled the search and rescue of a princess Lord Farquaad wishes to marry in order to be king of Duloc. In the process of rescuing the princess, Shrek falls in love with the fiery red head which he oddly has a lot in common with. This particular movie is not only funny, but it is also hilarious. I love Shrek and learning how to draw him will be fun. Just his big stupid grin will put a smile on anyone’s face. The reason for my sketch is because over the weekend I watched Shrek I, II, and III. You can say I was inspired by a big green ogre. This tutorial will show you "how to draw Shrek", step by step. You will learn how to sketch out this lovable fantasy creature with ease. I hope you have fun and remember, think green!