how to draw mulan
Step 1. How To Draw Mulan
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Uploaded: March 13, 2008
Artist: Dawn
Difficulty: Intermediate  Intermediate Skill Level
Steps: 8
Updated: April 2, 2012
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Artist comments

Okay here is another tutorial on one of my favorite cartoon characters. This time it will be on "how to draw Mulan" from the 1998 Disney animated full length movie. There is two reasons why I love this movie, one, is because I think Mulan is absolutely beautiful, and the second reason why I love this movie is because of the colors and story line. But before I get into the whole tutorial, I will go over the story of Mulan just incase there are artist that have never heard of this story. Ready? Here we go; Once upon a time there was a small family that lived in a small village in china. To this family there are four members, her mother Fa Li, and her father Fa Zhou, they love their daughter very much but have great concerns for her future. Mulan also has a very spunky, independent grandmother named Grandmother Fa; she is also Mulan’s kindred spirit, and lastly there is Mulan, a confused young girl who doesn’t live the traditional Chinese way a girl her age should. Instead of being into finding a husband and serving him well and treating him honorably, she is into being very independent with a mind of her own. She believes that all women should be treated equal and should be allowed to live their lives the way they seem fit. As the story progressing, the Huns are invading China and heading straight for the emperor. The army is lead by Shan-Yu and his loyal falcon that acts as a third eye for the warrior. The emperor orders every able bodied man to join the army and fight the Huns. When Mulan’s father Fa Zhou is presented with the order he receives it with honor even though he depends on a cane to walk. Mulan knows that if her father goes to war he will surly die, so she sneakily cuts off her hair, steals her fathers suit of armor, and takes her trusted black stallion, Khan who stays strong, loyal, and brave and stays along side of Mulan on her journey. Mulan eventually arrives at the solider camp where she meets up with three more characters who later in the story become her loyal friends, and they are; short stubby Yao, big lovable Chien-Po, and the helpless romantic Ling. After training under the great Captain Li Shang, Mulan truly turns into a great warrior. They eventually meet up with the Huns and Mulan gets injured with the first battle and her cover gets blown. Captain Li Shang spares her life for lying and deceiving the emperor’s army because she saved his life in battle. As she walks away from the camp, she bumps into Shan-Yu along the way. Running back to worn the rest of the soldiers she runs into them at the emperor’s celebration for defeating the Huns. They eventually run into the evil Shan-Yu yet again and he is yet again defeated by Mulan and her gang. She eventually is honored and praised by the emperor himself and is offered to serve as council, she kindly refuses and returns home to her beloved family. This is supposedly a true story that took place in China during the 6th century. Mulan’s real name was Hua Mulan. This is a fun tutorial on "how to draw Mulan", step by step. The instructions are easy to read and understand. I know you will enjoy drawing this Chinese girl from ancient legend. Have fun, and don’t forget to submit some of your finished work.