how to draw a train step by step
Drawing  a train, Added by Dawn, June 11, 2009, 1:18:50 am
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Uploaded: June 11, 2009
Artist: Dawn
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Updated: June 13, 2009
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Learning to draw a train is probably one of the most popular things that kids want to teach themselves how to draw. For me it was dragons and dinosaurs, but for kids like my younger brother, all he wanted to do was learn “how to draw planes, trains and automobiles“. This first tutorial of the day is going to teach you “how to draw a train step by step”. The locomotive that you will be working on is a “steam train” and believe it or not but, you can draw a steam train with ease if you follow my directions and tutorial steps. The steam train or steam locomotive, was a vessel that was solely powered by steam that is produced by coal. These types of trains began their use in the beginning of the nineteenth century, and ended their usage during the twentieth century. These locomotives were used for over one hundred fifty years. The very first fully functional steam train was designed and built by a British inventor named Richard Trevithick and it was introduced to the world on February 21, 1804. A steam train needed a boiler system to produce and omit pressurized steam and water. This was done inside of a steel “fire-tube boiler”. The water came from a firebox which was located to the rear of the boiler. The firebox was filled with water and it surrounded the top and sides of the flame with then created steam. In order to operate the steam locomotive several things was needed besides the boiler, you also needed a steam circuit, the chassis, running gear, fuel and water, and then lastly a crew. We as a race have evolved tremendously with building trains of today in a more advanced efficient way of operating. Trains are what transportation toys are made of which every kid has once owned at some point in their lifetime. Now that some of you have grown out of playing with trains, maybe you can learn “how to draw a train step by step” with this easy to follow tutorial. I am going to leave you all right now but I will be back as you already know. Keep working hard to get better at drawing and sooner or later you will be drawing anything you want just like a real pro. See ya in a bit kiddies, peace out!