how to draw ultron, avengers age of ultron

How to Draw Ultron, Avengers Age of Ultron

Step 1.

Draw the basic shape of the head and the guide lines for the eyes .

Step 2.

Now outline the whole thing .

Step 3.

Since there are so many details I have decided to make one more step than usual. Draw the biggest features on his face .

Step 4.

Now draw the rest of the details .

Step 5.

Here is my sketch for comparison .

Step 6.

Because I wanted this to be very detailed I chose not to make overall layers and the add details on individual parts one at a time , but instead I went and focused on some parts at a time right from the beginning . Begin by selecting the area you want to work on , and darken the lines you have in that particular area . Hatch the main shadows , the ones that stand out the most using a 2B pencil .

Step 7.

BLEND in very well using whatever you're used to the most . You can use a blending stump, a qtip , even a small piece of paper/cloth or a small soft brush , which is what I used . Although it takes longer to blend , you have more control over what you are doing , using the brush . Under any circumstances do NOT use your FINGERS , it's messy and gross . After blending use a dark pencil , preferably an 8B or darker, to make the darker shadows .

Step 8.

Blend again and add some details. Don't forget to leave some highlights , and if you forget you can make them again using an eraser or some white pastel ( the white pencil never works) .

Step 9.

Move down to what should be his .......nose and cheeks . Darken the lines in the area you work on and hatch the main shadows .

Step 10.

Blend very well and make the darker shadows .

Step 11.

Blend again and add the details . Don't forget about the highlights .

Step 12.

The process repeats itself with every part you make . I started with a small part (the eyes) and moved to bigger ones (the forehead) . Hatch the forehead .

Step 13.

Blend and add the darker shadows .

Step 14.

Blend and add the final details .

Step 15.

Now move down to the lower part of his face . Add a layer of light gray .

Step 16.

Now make the darkest parts.

Step 17.

Add the final details .

Step 18.

Now move on the the "ears" , I guess they're antennas , not sure what he uses them for but they look really cool . Repeat the process of hatching, blending, darkening and detailing .

Step 19.

Here you can see how well you can blend with a brush .

Step 20.

Use a 4B for details .

Step 21.

The remaining area is big but it's really easy since it's mostly black . Begin with hatching the light parts and make the darker zones from the beginning .

Step 22.

Blend and add the FINAL details .

Step 23.

Make the background a bit dark at the top just so his shiny forehead stands out . That's all .

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Uploaded: December 26, 2016
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Artist comments

Hello geeks and casual comic book lovers ! You might be surprised why I made this so early since Avengers 2 only comes out next year in May , but the trailer just came out and it looks amazing . Honestly I watched it several times simply because it's good . For those who don't know , in the comics and some animated series , Ultron is a robot created by Hank Pym a.k.a. Ant-Man . But Ultron goes rogue and hell breaks lose . In the movie , Ultron is just a very advanced AI created by Tony Star , who makes his own body out of Iron man suits. Anyway , sorry I couldn't make the whole bust , I worked after a screenshot since Marvel hasn't released any official pictures of Ultron. Enjoy !