how to draw a parasaurolophus
Drawing  a parasaurolophus, Added by Dawn, January 27, 2008, 6:11:58 pm
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Uploaded: January 27, 2008
Artist: Dawn
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Updated: January 27, 2008
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I first took notice to this particular dinosaur when the first Land Before Time cartoon movie came out. The characters name was “Ducky” and she was a spunky little reptile that other dinosaurs referred to as a swimmer. The Parasaurolophus walked sometimes as a biped, and other times as a quadruped. This dinosaur existed over 70 million years ago from the late Cretaceous period. They are also called hadrosaurids which is a family of dinosaurs that had odd skull adornments. This particular group of reptile has an actual elongated shaped head that goes from the front to the back of the skull. What does that mean you ask? It means, the way the Parasaurolophus head looks, is exactly how the skull is shaped. There are many theories to what purpose the shape of the head serves for this particular species. After extensive research, it has been determined that its shape helped them identify the sex and race of other dinosaurs, heightened sound ability to communicate, and to help maintain a constant internal body temperature so it wouldn’t have to depend on the temperatures from the outside environment. The information that’s been collected over the years tells us that this animal was about 30 to 31 feet long, weighed almost 3 tons, and had a 5 ft long skull. Archeologists think this reptile wandered around for food on all four limbs, but when it came time to run, they ran on just two. The name Parasaurolophus means “near crested lizard”, this dinosaur is a species that is easily identified by others. I personally think that they were cute and their appearance has a lot of character. This step by step tutorial gives you solid online instructions on how to draw the Parasaurolophus with ease. If you like dinosaurs like I do, I know you will have fun sketching this one.

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