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Uploaded: January 25, 2017
Artist: Dawn
Difficulty: Advanced  Advanced Skill Level
Steps: 6
Updated: January 8, 2010
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Artist comments

Tōshirō Hitsugaya is a character from the anime/manga series that airs on Adult Swim which is a part of the Cartoon Network family. The show is called Bleach and for those of you that watch the series you should know who this young star is. This tutorial is going to show you "how to draw Hitsugaya, step by step". I did this lesson in the live draw room yesterday and some of my pals helped me along the way with this lesson to ensure that it was drawn out in portion. Now let me talk a bit about this awesome character. In the beginning of this description you saw that I called Toshiro young, and I did say this for a reason. Hitsugaya is the youngest captain of the Gotei 13. He has a vice captain named Rangiku Matsumoto who work together during fights, and they also care for one another even though Toshiro doesn’t show that he has feeling for her when she is around, he very much has deep feeling for his partner. The case is very different for Rangiku though because she is not shy at all to show that she is interested in him. As a matter of fact, Rangiku makes sure that she acts flirtatious when the two are together. Toshiro often blushes when Rangiku is not around or near him, so I guess the feeling must be mutual right? The sketch that I drew out is when Toshiro Bankai form which is called the “Dai Guren Hyourinmaru". This is when two large wings and a tail form and they are made of ice. He also has an ice dragon that unleashes from his sword (the Hyourinmaru, which looks like a common Japanese Katana) that freezes anything it touches. I am I know I said that I didn’t care for the character too much, but if you think about it he is pretty cool. I did have a lot of fun drawing out this Bleach character even though it was a challenge. Learning how to draw Tōshirō Hitsugaya the Captain of the 10th Division from Bleach is fun and exciting. I will be back with more drawing fun so stay tuned for more great lessons on the way.

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