how to draw sweeney todd johnny depp

How to Draw Sweeney Todd Johnny Depp

Step 1.

Start this first step by drawing out a circle for the head and then add the facial guidelines. Next move to the left and draw out a lemon sized shape for his left hand and then add the finger lines that you see here.

Step 2.

Now that you have finished the first step you will now start sketching out the shape of the small almond eyes. Next sketch out a triangle like shape and then shade it in. This is going to give definition to the left side of his face and to let the viewer and artist know that there is a hint of a nose hidden behind the blade. You will then draw out the shape of Sweeney's jaw and chin and make sure that this part of the face is squared in shape because as you know Johnny Depp has a very chiseled facial structure. You will then sketch out the top line of his lip, and then add some shape to his fingers as well as the glove lines. You will lastly draw horizontal line for the straight edge blade.

Step 3.

As you can see by the time you are done with this step you will start seeing the features of Johnny Depp seep through. The first thing you will tackle here is the sketching of his intense looking eyes. You will first start with sketching out the brow and then lightly shading in above his eye under the frowned brow. Next draw out the circles of his eyeballs and then color them in as well. You will now sketch out the shape of the straight edge blade and then the rest of the shaping for his hand and fingers. Detail the glove by adding more definition and then sketch out the shape of Sweeney Todd's bottom lip, neck and collar. Don't forget his thumb as well.

Step 4.

Wow look how awesome Sweeney Todd is coming out huh? What you will do here is start sketching out the lining and shading for his face and head structure. You will then sketch out the hair line of his wild hair style that makes this character look more intense. Once that is complete add the wrinkle lines to his forehead as shown to you here. Finish off the eyebrows and then the eyes. You will now shade in and around the eyes to give him his dark circles around the eyes on his pale face. Add the lip lines to the bottom lip and then start shading and detailing the blade of the razor, Once that is complete you will add the detailing design on the handle of his lethal weapon and then start adding some shading to his glove and fingers as well as a finger nail. Oh yeah, don't forget to add definition under the lip for his chin.

Step 5.

This is your last drawing step. What I want you guys to do now is start sketching out the style of Sweeney Todd memorable hair. Remember he has white patches in the front so lightly blend the shading in when you are drawing out this phase of the lesson. Once his hair is sketched out and shaded in you will add the final touches to his face. Add some shading to the lower part of his left side of the jaw and cheek as well as the right but not as much. You will then finish sketching in the handle design for his blade and then start erasing any visible sketch lines if you can. I know this was difficult for me to do so if you get frustrated keep your cool and take your time.

Step 6.

This is the first draft of the sketch that I had drawn out in the beginning. I digitally enhanced it to clean up the sloppiness so that I could lay out the tutorial steps and coloring. So I imagine this is what you should end up with when you are done. You have just spent some quality time learning how t draw Sweeney Todd step by step.

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Uploaded: March 19, 2009
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Artist comments

I am so excited to upload this new tutorial of the day. This character is from a movie that left an imprint on people’s minds throughout the world. I am not talking about a life changing imprint, I’m talking about a pop culture stain that will forever be remembered and added to the list of all time best movies. With this lesson I will be showing you how to draw Sweeney Todd step by step. Sweeney Todd or a.k.a. Benjamin Barker is a character based movie that stars Johnny Depp who as you know, plays the butcherous barber that is seeking revenge on those responsible for the life that was stolen from him when he was committed for a crime he didn’t commit in the flick. With the help of Mrs. Lovett he lures London’s Aristocratic population into his shop for a quick shave or cute. The unfortunate reality for each person that sits in his chair, the only cut they receive is one across their necks with his straight edge razor. A tutorial on Sweeney Todd was requested by several members that visit the site on a regular basis and even though it took me some time to fulfill, I finally accomplished what I said I would do. As you can imagine this lesson will not be easy, in fact it very well may be a real challenge. I know for me I had to use a reference picture from a poster my brother has on his wall. This was a very difficult face to draw because I had to make sure that all the definition and detailing lines came out in a way to show his insanity through a sketch. I also had to make sure that I colored the image to the best of my ability to emphasis the vivid colors that were often faded throughout the movie. All in all I am very pleased with the way the sketch and finished image came out. It took me a total of three days just to get this image right before I felt confident enough to submit it to the site as a drawing tutorial lesson. I know that all of you will love learning how to draw Sweeney Todd step by step. And remember if you are a novice artist it is still okay to tackle this lesson just to better your drawing skills. I shall return with more drawing fun so stay tuned to see what gets submitted next.