how to draw cheese from fosters home for imaginary friends

How to Draw Cheese from Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends

Step 1.

SHA-ZAMM! Here we are on Step 1, where the first thing to do is to draw out his GINORMOUS head, followed by his stick-thin neck and his stubby lil body. Draw a line to show where his outstretched arm will go, and a small shape near his posterior XD to indicate his other hand. Last thing to do is to sketch out two lines for his legs and the guidelines for his feet. Stomp on down to Step 2 when you're done.

Step 2.

I've been waiting for you!!! OK, next step begins with drawing Cheese's perpetually bulging eyes along the guideline you drew (you did remember to draw it, RIGHT??) Now, draw a second line next to Cheese's outstretched arm to complete it. All you have to do is draw out the shape of the juice box he is holding (no chocolate milk???) and the basic shape of his hand curved around it. Take a snack break yourself if that's what ya pleases, then move on to Step 3.

Step 3.

All right folks here's the good stuff now!!!!!! First, draw in his tiny pupils. Be sure you keep track of them, because you'll be like, "WHERE ARE THOSE PUNY PUPILS I DREW??? THAT NO-GOOD ULTIMATE_SB...oh, there they are. :D) Next thing would be to draw the unkempt strands of hair poking out of his head. Draw out his fingers on the juice box and add in a straw. Try not to laugh too hard as you draw in his mouth desperately sucking for that LAST drop.... Haven't we all been there at some point?? Last thing to do is draw in the fingers on his other hand, the toes on his foot, and a little apple on the box so we have one less thing to quarrel over ("I'M TELLING YOU HE'S DRINKING GRAPE!" "ORANGE, FOR THE LAST TIME!!!") Now just ink in the lines you need and erase the one's you don't. When you're done, skip on down to Step 4 for the grand finale!!!!

Step 4.

BOO-YAH!!!! My friend you are done! All I did extra here was draw a few lines around his eyes for, uh...well, they make him look nuttier, don't they??? He is now at your complete disposal. If you wish, draw in some lipstick so that he may once again transform into Cheese: The Brother Lady Incarnate!!!! XD This may be the end of this tutorial, but don't you dare let your guard down, for I SHALL RETURN! Seriously though, I really hope this was a lot of fun and brought a smile and some laughs to your day. I LIKE DRAWING!! ;) Manatee out.

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Uploaded: March 4, 2009
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Artist comments

Hello hello hello! Boy it is good to be back; did ya miss me??? Anyway ^-^, today we are going to be doing something that is stupidly easy, OK? I will be showing you how to draw Cheese from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. I think Cheese is a character that anyone could warm up to in like a few nanoseconds, and he is definitely my favorite character on the show (though he has caused me quite a few laughter-induced tummy aches). I figured he would be a good tutorial for me to do, since, if you ask anyone who knows me, they'll say that Cheese and I have a lot in common (emphasis on LOT) XD Let's get started!

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