how to draw spitfire,spitfire in a dress

How to draw Spitfire,Spitfire in a dress

Step 1.

First,for drawing Spitfire,you will draw the right side of her helmet,and the front pasrt of it also.

Step 2.

Next,you will draw the side of her face,which is at an angle,and her muzzle,which is just a circle,but you erase one part of it.

Step 3.

After drawing all of that,now draw Spitfire's neck,and the other side of her helmet.

Step 4.

Now you'll draw her feathers,and marble that fit onto the side of helmet.

Step 5.

Next you will draw in the details that are on her helmet.

Step 6.

Then you are going to draw the little accessory that rests on her chest,which is a marble,with six feathers surrounding it.

Step 7.

Now you'll draw the first plates of armour that lie on her chest,side:right before her wing, and on her back.

Step 8.

After that You will draw in the shape for her wing. then you will draw another plate in her armour that lies on her back.

Step 9.

Next you will her front legs,which might seem long,but you'll understand why they're that long later.

Step 10.

Now you'll draw in her back right leg,and the back of her dress,which curves on the bottom part of it,and you will also draw in her stomach,which is just a small curving line rigth below her wing that connects to her front left leg.

Step 11.

Next you Will draw Spitfire's back left leg,of which you can only see her hoof.

Step 12.

After that,you'll draw the armour that covers her legs.

Step 13.

Now you will draw the details that are on her dress,and the little pieces of string that hang loosely off the bottom.

Step 14.

Next you'll draw in her mane! Spitfire's mane,of course,has two colours in it,so you will draw a sig-zag line throughout her mane,which will divide colour from colour.

Step 15.

After that,you wll add in her eyes,and mark on her muzzle which is is her nostril. On Spitfire's eyes,don't forget to make the upper line,and her eyelashes thick! If you forget to make them thick,than the drawing comes out looking very different from what it should appear as.

Step 16.

Next you'll draw the lines that are on the feathers.

Step 17.

Now you'll draw the lines on her wing.

Step 18.

Lastly,you will add in your colours,and you,have just learned how to draw Spitfire,the Wonderbolt from MLP-FiM in a gala/Warrior dress!!!

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Uploaded: May 15, 2013
Artist: Minun_pokemon
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Updated: May 15, 2013
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Artist comments

Hey there Dragoartists! Hope you all are ready to start drawing again,cause it is Minun_pokemon here,showing you how to do so. As you may know from this picture,it is all over the internet,and no,I do not own the picture,I am simply just showing you how to draw it,so then, instead of sitting here and chattering,Minun_pokemon out!

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