how to draw cadence,princess cadence

How to draw Cadence,Princess Cadence

Step 1.

First off,you will draw Cadence's muzzle.

Step 2.

Next you will draw Cadence's left eye,part of it atleast,since her head is cocked at a 3/4 degree.

Step 3.

After that you will draw her bangs,which happen to hang beside her face. Don't forget to leave a little gap near the top too :D for her horn.

Step 4.

Then you will draw Princess Cadence's horn.

Step 5.

Next you will draw Cadence's baret,which is separated into three (3)

Step 6.

After that you'll add on the forst part of Cadence's sweater,the collar and part of her chest.

Step 7.

Then you will draw her two (2) front legs,which of course,overlap eachother.

Step 8.

Now you will add the part of Cadence's mane that lies on her right shoulder,covering it.

Step 9.

After all of that,you'll draw her one hind leg that is showing,her right one.

Step 10.

Next you'll draw the back of Cadence's mane that ends near her chest.

Step 11.

Then you will draw Cadence;s left wing,which at the beginning is partially covered.

Step 12.

Next you will draw Cadence's right winf which is also partially covered.

Step 13.

Next you will draw the patterns that are in Cadence's wings.

Step 14.

Then you'll draw Cadence's tail which is also,partially covered.

Step 15.

After you draw in her tail,you'll draw her actuak eye outline,and the line for her eye shadow.

Step 16.

Next you will draw Cadence's shoes which have two (2) arches on them. Also do not forget to add in the half of her cutie mark that shows.

Step 17.

Then you will draw in the Princess's higlights for her hair.

Step 18.

Last but not least,you add in colour,and you,have just learned hoe to draw Princess Cadence,wearign a more french likt outfit!! XD Hope you enjoyed drawing this,please give feedback :D

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Uploaded: April 21, 2013
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Artist comments

This is how to draw a My little pony,Princess Cadence to be precise,wearing a more french type outfit. Hope you like it,peace out Drago artists :D

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