how to draw quentin tarantino, quentin tarantino

How To Draw Quentin Tarantino, Quentin Tarantino

Step 1.

Quentin Tarantino is not only one of the greatest directors of our time, but he's also a talented actor. One of his earliest rolls was in the cult classic film, From Dusk Till Dawn, in which he played the outlaw criminal, Richard Gecko. So how do you draw Tarantino as Richard Gecko? Let's start with the basic construction lines. Using a 2H or hard pencils, sketch in an oval shape for the head and insert the center line for the face, as well has the mid line for the eyes. Sketch in the shoulders and right arm. These lines do not have to be perfect, since they are just guides, but be sure to draw very lightly so that they are easy to erase later on.

Step 2.

Let's start with the eyes. Using the guide lines for a reference, draw the almond-shaped eyes along the horizontal mid line. Remember that eyes are roughly one eye width apart from one another. Be sure to draw wrinkles where the bottom of the eye socket is located, as well as eye lids. Tarantino's eye brows hover somewhat low on his head, so they should be just above the eye lids.

Step 3.

Continue drawing the face by inserting the nose and eyes. The nose ends 1/4 of the way up from the chin. The mouth is located roughly half way between the chin and the bottom of the nose. Tarantino's upper lip curls upwards ever so slightly. Be sure to draw the indentation between the nose and mouth, as well as the creases on either side of the nose that point downwards.

Step 4.

Now that the face is draw, lets draw the outline of the head and the ears. Tarantino is known for having a rather large, prominent chin. Because of the angle we are working at, the ears will rest slightly high on the sides of the head.

Step 5.

Another key feature about Tarantino's appearance is his large forehead. Be sure to draw the hair line somewhat high and give him sideburns. His hair should be slightly messy to help indicate that he's been on the run from the law and has seen some action.

Step 6.

The character wears large frames glasses, so let's add these in next. Sorry, you'll have to do some erasing, but it's best to add the glasses on the head after the head is drawn, rather than before. Be sure that the arms of the glass recede towards the back of the head and get lost in his hair. The glasses should rest comfortably on the bridge of his nose and hover in front of his face. Do not simply "paint" them onto his skin. Think about the way the rest on his face.

Step 7.

Next, draw the upper torso of the body. The character is always seen wearing a rugged black suit with a white button up shirt underneath. No tie. Be sure the clothing is somewhat wrinkled and looks well worn.

Step 8.

To make things more interesting, we should draw his hand holding up a gun. You'll need to erase some of what you drew in the previous step. The fingers will wrap around the handle of the gun, so we won't be able to see all of the fingers. If it helps you, you can draw the hand as a fist and erase the fingers later (as seen here in green). Since the arm is bent, the sleeve of the shirt and jacket should be pulled down a little bit.

Step 9.

Now draw the gun with the help of a ruler. Keep your lines straight. Envision the gun as a three dimensional L shape.

Step 10.

Next, ink your image using a brush and ink, or Micron markers. Be patient and make sure to go over the proper lines. One the ink dries, erase the pencil marks with a kneaded eraser.

Step 11.

As I mentioned earlier, the character wears a black jacket so we should fill it in with black ink. Also take this opportunity to add shadow to the rest of image. Establish a light source, in this case it is coming from the upper right side of the page, and add shadow to the opposite side of his face, hair, glasses, gun, and shirt wrinkles.

Step 12.

If you've made any mistakes, you can use white ink or opaque white paint to correct them. Add in any final touches, such as highlights on the eyes or hair. And you're done! That's how you draw Quentin Tarantino as seen in From Dusk Till Dawn.

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A step by step guide on drawing Quentin Tarantino in a comic book style, as he appeared in From Dusk Till Dawn as the character Richard Gecko.