how to draw minami shimada step by step

How to draw Minami Shimada Step by Step

Step 1.

As so many tutorials do this one will start with a circle, too. ^^

Step 2.

Add a bow which separates the two halfs of the face and which goes a little farther than the circle. Add the facial guidelines, the chin and the line of motion which defines the standing position of Minami.

Step 3.

Draw a line for her shoulders and add box which shall define her torso under it. Also add a trangle at the end of your line of motion for the hips. Now add the lines for the arms and legs! Be careful with the proportions here!

Step 4.

Now draw her face: Which means draw her eyes, thin eyebrows, her mouth and a little dot for her nose! ^^

Step 5.

Her hair needs a lot of detail. That's why I firstly suggest to draw a shape for her hair!

Step 6.

Now we're addin' the details in her hair! (You do not have to stick to the lines of this pic! Just keep in mind not to change that much cuz it has to stay her haircut!^^)

Step 7.

Now add her hairband which is tied with loops and the upper part of her ponytail.

Step 8.

Add at the left and right side of her face the ends of her hairband. Now draw the rest of her ponytail.

Step 9.

Now we start workin' at her torso. First we just add her neck, then the collar and the tie of her uniform! ^^

Step 10.

Now add the second collar and draw her shoulders!

Step 11.

Here comes a harder part: We have to draw the whole blazer! But be careful: 1. Let a little space for the hands so you don't have to erase later on. 2. Don't forget the little pocket and the buttons! XD

Step 12.

Another hard step (to some - including me)is drawing her hands! So I decided to put this tep in between where we first add shapes for her hands and lines which will define her fingers! ^^

Step 13.

Now you can draw her hands! ^^ As you can see I also drew her skirt already! I think it's not that hard to draw and I don't want to make toooo much steps! XD

Step 14.

Last thing to add and it's not hard: Her legs!

Step 15.

As in almost every tutorial: Last step ----> Erase your guidelines and mistakes to have your pic clean! I hope you liked to learn how to draw Minami Shimada from Baka to Test as much as I did! ^^

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Uploaded: August 6, 2012
Artist: Pencil_Guy
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Updated: August 6, 2012
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Artist comments

This Tutorial was requested by the user CutieFrutie! I promised to give it a try and this is what came out! I didn't know the Anime "Baka to Test" earlier so this was a new character to me. I tried to draw her several times but it never really looked like her. I didn't want to give up so I decided to cheat a little. I googled some images, chose one and based my TUT on this pic. It's done with Paint.NET. Hope u guys like it! (It's my first time I used that program)^^ P.S: It's just a funny thought that I learned to draw Minami Shimada with my own TUT! XD

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