how to draw a rose in pencil, draw a realistic rose

How to Draw a Rose In Pencil, Draw a Realistic Rose

Step 1.

If you're using a reference, it's really easy to sketch a rose, the key is to start from the center outwards , petal by petal.Please pay attention to the petals in the center, since they're tiny and delicate , there's a lot of detail in a small area.

Step 2.

Your finished sketch should look like this. Ignore the stem, I was planning on drawing that as well, but decided not to when I made the background, don't draw the stem.

Step 3.

Before you start toning, thicken the outline of the petals, because when you will tone and shade the line will be very hard to see. A thick line will solve that problem, but don't make it too thick or dark, I used a 5B for that. After that you can start toning with the same 5B, don't press too hard, this is just to show you where the shadows will be.

Step 4.

Proceed with toning, as you can see i did not thicken the outlines for all the petals, because on the right side there is more light, and I didn't want to have to erase the outlines later. You can still do it if you think it'll be easier, just remember to erase them after you're done with shading, remember, a realistic drawing has no outlines.

Step 5.

Now, take a 7 or 8B and fill in the darkest areas, they may not look totally black on this picture, but that's because of my scanner, it adds extra light.

Step 6.

Smudge the areas you have already toned so that individual lines are not visible, then take a 5B and tone same areas again, but this time press a bit harder, and tone using a circular motion of the tip of your pencil.

Step 7.

Now, before staring the actual detailed shading , please study this mini tutorial i made on how to shade rose petals. The steps are easy, tone, tone some more, smudge , use darker tones where the petal begins and where it ends , use a sharp eraser to highlight . It's pretty much like drawing lips, actually it's exactly the same. I hope you find this useful.

Step 8.

Now you can proceed to shading your petals . As you can notice, some shadows have very defined edges , because that's the shadow of another petal. Remember ,the right side is brighter because the light source is on the right.

Step 9.

Continue with shading, take your time, as this process is very time consuming. If you noticed, i started shading the exterior petals first, unlike sketching, where you start with the interior ones. This is because there's a lot of detail in the center, and you want to focus on that at the end. Plus, your hand will be all over the drawing, and you'll most likely ruin the details in the center if you start there first.

Step 10.

Finish the remaining petals using the same process as before.

Step 11.

Now, focus on the interior ones, same process, just make sure you sharpen your pencils

Step 12.

You're almost done, take your time, use sharp pencils, i used an HB and a 2B.

Step 13.

The background is optional, your drawing will look good anyway. This dark background is really easy to make. Don't start drawing it with your pencil, that takes too much time and it's a real pain because your hand will hurt. Instead, get a small knife, or any blade, and start scraping graphite powder all around the rose(please be careful so you don't cut yourself). I have graphite sticks, which are as thick as normal pencils, but with no wood, only mine . You'll need A LOT of graphite powder, so if you only have normal pencils, it's gonna take some time to get enough of it. After you have graphite powder all around the rose, get a bit of cotton and start smudging until the paper turns black. If it doesn't, put more powder on that area. Be careful near the petals, you don't want powder on them, and if by accident you do manage to get powder on them, slowly erase. I think you're pretty much done.

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Artist comments

Hello people, it's me with a new tutorial for you, How to draw a realistic rose. This tutorial will guide you through some easy steps on how to draw a pretty rose using only pencils and an eraser.....and time.I've adopted a new, easier to draw way of making steps, so a lot more of you could try out this tutorial. This is the second time i draw a rose, and i'm starting to like it,and i hope you will too.