how to draw trent reznor, nine inch nails

How to Draw Trent Reznor, Nine Inch Nails

Step 1.

Sketching must be done with a pencil that can be easily erased , preferably an HB. Pay attention to the very first image , that's the most important , if you get it right the details are really easy to fill in later .

Step 2.

Toning is very important in portraits ( also some other stuff but it doesn't matter). Giving a face the proper tone is essential if you want to make it look real and not details , as some of you may think. The process of toning should not be rushed , use pencils that progressively range from HB to 8B. Slowly smudge the surface before going for another pencil. By the way, his left eye isn't important, it's going to be black anyway.

Step 3.

For the hair I used a 2B and an 8B. As you can see I drew the hair covering part of his face AFTER I made the entire face,plus I toned some more.

Step 4.

Drawing realistic clothing can be done in more multiple ways. One of them is toning the whole thing and then darkening and highlighting certain areas . I didn't do that, what I did was starting directly with the dark areas, leaving white spaces which will later be covered with tones of gray. Either way you chose to do it it's fine, I can't say that one is easier than the other .

Step 5.

Use black, blacker than the blackest black . Here you can also see the technique I used for clothing , on that strip thingy. See how I started with the black part ?

Step 6.

Finish the rest of his jacket and you're almost done . The background was really easy to make. What I did was take a ball of cotton and small knife . I used the knife to make graphite powder , grinding it against my pencil . Then I used the ball of cotton to smudge the graphite powder over the surface . After that I used an eraser with a sharp edge to make that model on the dark surface. You can erase with ease . Be careful not to use too much powder near the face or hair, if you do then it won't stand out from the background. Of course I edited the last image in order to look like the actual drawing, scanners really like to ruin your drawings.

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Artist comments

Hello there ! I bring forth the awesomeness of Trent Reznor , the mastermind behind the band Nine inch nails. A lyrical genius, this man has touched the souls of millions with his wonderful songs , including mine . I have nothing but respect for this man , now and forever . Dawn's a big fan too , just thought you might want to know that . You will learn how to draw Trent Reznor in 6(ish) steps , I hope you have fun and wish you good luck .