how to draw a dragon heart, dragon and heart

How to Draw a Dragon Heart, Dragon and Heart

Step 1.

Begin your first drawing step by drawing a heart like so. Of course your heart can be different from mine, as long as you draw a heart is fine.

Step 2.

Start step two by drawing the dragon's head starting with the forehead, and then draw the horns and snout like so.

Step 3.

Continue on with the dragon drawing by sketching out the curved neck shape like so, and then draw the shoulders. You will also need to draw the bottom jaw as well as the chin.

Step 4.

After you get the basic shapes drawn out for the dragon, you will need to sketch out his claws which are grasping onto the top arches of the heart. Next, sketch out the detailing on the body which is mainly the dragon scales, eyes, nose and skull detailing.

Step 5.

Almost done guys. Your dragon is basically done. The only thing that is left to do is draw out the wings, and the tail. Let's start by tackling just the wings first. Start right at the neck, and then draw the hand of the wing like so. Between the fingers of the wings sketch out skin based tissue that makes up the dragon's wing. Add some tears, holes and rips on the wings for added detailing.

Step 6.

Okay guys, draw the tail and as you can see I made it where the dragon tail is also hugging the heart. This gives the design a really nice concept because it conveys love, and the saying "your heart is mine". Erase the mistakes and you are ready to add the finishing touches before you can color in your work.

Step 7.

Finish off the dragon by sketching in the tail scales like so.

Step 8.

Here is the design when you are done. Notice how clean the dragon heart looks. It's all ready to be colored in to your liking.

Step 9.

Step 1| I always start with a nuetral tone that isn't too dark or too light. This is very important to use because of the advantage of knowing how dark or light to shade/highlight the parts of chrome. Start off with black outlines, and when you want to color them again, simply lock your layer and hit 'fill'. Step 2| I shade areas that my light source is hitting the dragon. Because it's resting on a heart, there will be reflective light from the extreme saturated red. Shade areas that have overlapping elements and areas that would naturally have shadows. Don't overdo it!

Step 10.

*Note: below you may see a strange tool option set; this is the tool I use for smudging and blurring in the hard shadows to make it appear almost gradient-like. Step 3| I start smudging my hard shadows, conciously remembering where exactly to blur my shadows. Always keep in mind that the darkest part of the shadow is where it starts, and NOT where it ends. That is a principle I simply apply here. Then, once I'm satisfied with the shadowing, I take a small eraser brush and erase the edges where you would normally see highlighting and 'reflective' light. Again, do not overdo this feature and only add it to areas where the light source depicts in the illustration. Take your time and do not rush. Think of every action you preform. Step 4| My favorite part; here I add blotches of white in regions that require a metallic/liquid silver sheen. Blotch these in sparingly and along the frames of the darkest and boldest shadows. DO NOT add too much of the thick white highlights to areas that have no shadow crease.

Step 11.

Step 5| Using the same smudge tool, I blur the edges and soften them up throughout the base colors. Notice where the crease of bold shadow and highlight are at it's thickest. I repeat this process throughout the illustration, reminding myself exactly where to place it to give the dragon depth and dimension. Step 6| Because this heart is so bright in red, you will naturally see the red reflect off the object because it is touching the object. Say if you were to touch a bright red blanket, you would see reflective light on your hand. It's these principles that make an artwork realistic and endearing. I truly hope these tips helped! Let me know if you've used them and show me yours!

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Artist comments

Hey everyone, welcome back to Dragoart where the fun never ends. Today I will start the drawing day by submitting the very lesson that I started sketching yesterday during Livestream. Here is "how to draw a dragon heart", step by step and I think you will love this design concept. The title is not to be confused with the film of the same name 'DragonHeart'. I had the idea to make a heart design concept like this a while ago but it's only until now that I actually bring my idea to life. I have to say that yesterday was one of the more active Livestreams that I have done in a while. I think it's because the dragon heart drawing was being loved by a lot of the viewers. Anyways, the dragon in the lesson is colored in a chrome like fashion and the heart is red but the texture of it sort of looks like glass. This tutorial on drawing a dragon heart may be a bit complex for novice artists, but that doesn't mean walk away from the lesson completely. It's a good idea to just tackle the task, and see how far you get before you start getting frustrated. I on the other hand will leave yo now so I can prepare the other lessons I have for you. Have fun everyone and remember to comment, and rate, or one of the other on this as well as all the tutorials you view today. Peace out people and enjoy!