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Something that everyone requests are mainly chibi tutorials. I dedicate this tag category page to all the chibi tutorials that I have. Note that this page will be updated periodically. When “drawing a chibi”, step by step, you'll want to focus on the basic oversized proportions of one. Even though a chibi is extremely exaggerated, there's still anatomical rules that you have to follow. Like most anime and manga, characters vary having strange anatomical points in the style. Every artist overtime, develops a style that makes them a bit personalized and definable. This category has a lot of the chibi characters that you may seek. There's actual step by steps that show you to “draw chibis”. Be sure to equip yourself with a sharpened pencil, clean paper, and an eraser; all essentials you'll be needing for drawing. If you prefer drawing digitally, that can be fine too. Anywho, enjoy browsing!