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Alex, Melman, Gloria, and Marty are a few names that will be remembered forever. If you’re asking why, my answer would have to be “because they are four cool characters from a movie called Madagascar”. This flick consists of four very different animal species, but the funny thing about them all is the fact they are all best friends. There is a lion, zebra, hippo, and giraffe that share their lives in the New York City Zoo. Alex is the main star because he is a dancing lion that does lots of tricks, and is very entertaining. This section is filled with some really cool characters from the movie Madagascar. You will learn how to draw Madagascar characters with the aid from tutorials that are helpful, and full of color. Some other favorite characters is those darn Madagascar penguins. They are definitely a crazy, funny bunch. If you are a big fan of this movie, and of all the characters involved, you will love teaching yourself how to draw characters from Madagascar. Have fun browsing through this area as you pick and choose who you will draw next. Who knows, maybe you can draw Alex so good, he will dance right off your page.