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Spiders, spiders, and more spiders. These creepy crawly critters are some of the most feared creatures in the world. Learning how to draw spiders is one of those things that has to be done with caution. Even though there is thousands of spiders in the world, there is only a handful that is well recognized by people like you and me. Unless of course you are a spider nut, and your whole life revolves around anthropoids. One of my favorite types of spiders is the tarantula. These critters are without a doubt one of the smallest, feared animals in the world. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that a small little thing like a spider can cause more than some people to have a phobia against them. Drawing spiders is fun because you can literally either draw spiders that is on your top ten list, or you can go ahead and create your very own species to make things interesting. No matter what type of species you choose to draw, it’s always fun to draw spiders no matter what. Have fun in this section, there will be more tutorials added to this category periodically. So grab your pencil, crayon, marker, or paint and get busy with one of the tutorials you find here.