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One of the things I like doodling is different types of crosses. This sub section is going to show you guys everything you need to know when it comes to learning how to draw a cross, step by step. There is so many different types of crosses that you can create, and there are also many types of religious styles to choose from. In this section you can browse through simple cross designs to complex realistic drawing lessons like how to draw Jesus on a cross. For Christians and Catholics, drawing Jesus is something that is close to the heart because he is our savior. For other religions, there is only God and there are all types of God from all types of religions. Making a sketch of a cross is also a great way to practice 3D art. Crosses are also very popular objects that get chosen in tattoo parlors. I have seen both men and women with crosses tattooed on their bodies and sometimes a cross is drawn along with a portrait of a lost loved one, or just inked on the body to represent how much love, faith and passion you have in your beliefs. One thing is certain, you will definitely find a lesson that will make you happy. When you are done drawing a cross, be sure to upload your finished work to the world for all eyes to see. is the best drawing site on the web, and don’t you forget it.