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One of my favorite things in the world is to draw wolves. I cannot express enough how much these animals inspired my drawing in some way, shape and form. Their very presence sends chills up my spine even if it’s only from television or from a poster. In this sub category section you will be going through tons of different tutorials that shows you "how to draw wolves", step by step. There are lessons on howling wolves, flying or winged wolves, even wolves in love. When conjuring up an idea to put down on paper, your initial idea is usually switched to something different. No matter what type of wolf you want to recreate, you will definitely find help, and ideas from using one of the many lessons provided in these tutorials. You can even choose to “draw a wolf” by itself in a forest like setting. Have fun, and be sure to drop a request if you would like to see something added to this section on Dragoart.com.