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Here are a few characters that some of you should know and love. They are several animal figures that get poked, stabbed, jabbed, blown up, ripped apart, burned, torn, shredded, and any other dismemberment you can think of. The animated shorts have become quite popular over the past couple years, and with their fame and popularity comes more and more laughs. I don’t know how many fans there are for these crazy, unpredictable nut bags, but I know that there is many artists that want to learn how to draw Happy Tree Friends characters step by step. Even though the rodents, moose, rabbits, porcupines and what have you are pretty simple to draw already, it is always fun reading about them all, and learning new things you didn’t already know. Lumpy, Flippy, Cuddles, and a few others that will be named at a later date are some of my favorites. Anyways, choose which character you would like to draw, or if you don’t see a lesson here that you where looking for, just drop a line and let us know what you would like to see next. Have fun learning how to draw Happy Tree Friends characters.