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Welcome to the tag category completely dedicated to the world of “drawing Rio characters”. In this page, you'll find tutorials that will show you simple ways on drawing your favorite characters from the popular movie, Rio. I myself am a huge bird fan, therefore, all birds inspire me. The movie features lots of different types of birds that are mainly tropical. There are toucans, macaws, and others that make their appearance in this movie. Blu and Jewel are two Macaws who embark on an epic journey to the fulfill Blu's dreams. Bobo on the other hand, is a wise and comedic Toucan bird. The movie trailer seemed very pleasing, uber exciting. The way the birds are drawn is very elegant and mataching with the character traits. The talented voice actors in this movie is Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway, Leslie Mann, and George Lopez . Well folks, hopefully you'll be enjoying the tutorials featured in this category. Maybe later on down the road, you can introduce your friends to this category on “how to draw Rio characters”, step by step. Peace out and good luck!