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It’s hard to believe that a popular toy line has become somewhat of a pop culture trend. In this subcategory you will be shown "how to draw monster high" characters by using step by step tutorials. Drawing Monster High is something that is hip, cool, and full of fun. Not only will you be making your own figures from scratch, you will also be creating characters that are fused with monsters from myth. For example, if your favorite doll or character is Clawdeen, you will not only be recreating her, you will also be drawing a wolf or werewolf half breed. Clawd Wolf is the same way; he too has that wolf gene which makes him confident, strong, and full of character. It's no secret that Monster High is the next big thing since the release of Bratz, so why not follow your heart’s desire and draw Monster High characters your way, at your pace, and at your skill level.