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Welcome to the section that contains tutorials on your favorite Transformers from both the Autobots side, and the Decepticons side. Here you will find lessons that will teach the avid artist how to draw Transformers, step by step. Now even though we may be familiar with the very popular mechanical robots from another planet, we are not the first to be fans of these huge heroes and villains. If you’re a fan and you have a parent that was born in the sixties, or seventies, they are probably more familiar with the Transformers than you are. The best part is they are probably used to the ones that are from the original cartoon series. Now, if you are brave, and you have patience and a lot of time on your hands, you should do well when you tackle one of the tutorials you find in this category. I know the first time I went to draw a Transformer; it was so complex for me to do. But after trying, and taking my time, I finally was able to get in the hang with things. Soon enough I was sketching out these complex alien robots with an easier hand. Anyways, have fun while you browse through this section, and maybe you too can learn how to draw Transformers.