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This is a shared account between David and her crow (yes David for all intensive purposes) is a she. Anyways both the Crow and David are girls whom love to read, write, sing and waste their time fooling around. Also David cooks a lot and Crow usually eats it.
Tools of the trade
This actually a shared account; Im David and my Crow will be on the site later :) What David uses: I use lead pencils for sketching 2B for outsline and 4B for details. For tracing outside I use ink pens or a quil with black ink, for a more open feel try Sakura Ink pens. I like vynil erasers cause they erase pretty much everything and a kneaded eraser is good for the longer lines
David: Drawing, singing, playing instruments-music is a large part of my life its true. I can shut myself away for days on end just drawing, singing, and writing stories. Also I love to read and I do karate.
Favourite books
We both read a lot... David: Twilight series, phantom of the opera. Enough said.
Favourite movies
David: Elfen Lied (I know its an anime but whatever) and I totally adore The Phantom of the Opera!!
Favourite music
David:I like DeadMau5 and electropop music in general...uh Lady GaGa is cool and I like Beatles and Hermans Hermits-also my fave song is Llium by Kumiko Noma and Her Morning Elegance by Oren Lavie-and I love everything from the phantom of the opera.