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19, Female
United Kingdom
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I love music and art they are my best subjects in school but i hate doing homework even art homework! i know, i should do it but i just do not like it x i am mischievous and funny im always getting into trouble and arguments mostly with teachers
Tools of the trade
i only draw with pencils because i hate drawing with colour, i think it looks too messy and i cant really colour neatly and i'm much better at shading and sketching:D x
i like drawing alot! music, cooking, origami, dancing, singing and other stuff like that x
Favourite books
I don't read much only magazines even at school i open my book but stare round the class and always get told off x
Favourite movies
i like anchorman and step brothers and other funny ones, and the scary movie series, also all the jim carrey films x
Favourite music
i love nearly all music, when i am bored i listen to music, when i cant sleep i listen to music when im at school in boring lessons i listen to the music on my blackberry i got a trick to hide earphones and i never get caught! x