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light yogami from deathnote fan girl Name: willfre cidizinship : bronze age: 10 best rank:329 best friend for life : skylar and kassia (you guys rock ps kass ur such a good drawer youll become popular when i put u on hatena!) star faimly: koopa , im evil lol stars 2 pablo,chocolate,scarlett, charmii,ereek@t,caty,annie girl and fantacy .....Hi! i love that im attuly something that youd want to friends with (unlike my brother mr. slowbro) please enjoy my flips DONT COPY THEM IF THERE UNLOCKED(usaly at 10,000 stars)id love it peopol join the star faimly (ou can ask you know but ill say ....YES..).......ok..????....OH YES!!!!!!! lost it XxX ok bye for now OH I REMEBER NOW thank you to all my friends and fans EXSPECILY koopa ^U^ me!!!!!!!!! Im a rave devil girl still young my b day is june 3rd plz make me a b day flip i love the song ravers fantacy by marian but my fav song is E.T by katty perry
Tools of the trade
I use pencils ,pens ,feltips,marker a\nd perment marker any thing i can find really.
Favourite books
death note any
Favourite movies
deathnote all
Favourite music
evascene kesha katy perry