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Im 11 turning 12 in 8 days and counting down. I wasn't very involved in drawing until my eyes finally adjusted to the organization of manga/ comic books. My sister stopped drawing for a short period of time on an online drawing website. She is currently drawing on pencil and paper now. I am stubborn and I am bold ^_^
Tools of the trade
Just normal mechanical pencils, nothing fancy. I'm a beginner drawing so I don't even know how to use charcoal or even color correctly <(=^_^=<)
Drawing.... Now since I'm drawing more I consider it as a lifestyle more than a hobby.
Favourite books
I have many favorite books, but my most favorite is "Animal Farm" by George Orwell. Sounds like a childs book, but its satirical and has a hidden meaning.
Favourite movies
I currently fond of the Underworld series ^.^
Favourite music
I have an array of favorite music, although my favorite band is The Killers ^.^ My family and I are ANTI POP, I extremely dislike pop music and ALL pop culture.