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20, Female
United States
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It's kind of hard to eplain... well I'll tell you this: I am blond, blue-slightly-gray-ish eyes, and umm taken, lol. I use tzt language sometimes, ok, quite often, but I can also be more of a grammatical person (only in English class, lol) I make typos often from typing so much, I like hanging with friends, talking in the first person (skye does not talk in the third person), im random, in love, and living straight out of a fantasy novel-- u dont gota believe me tho, lol, cuz its my biggestwish, lolz. Yah... and... yah~!
Tools of the trade
Pencil, pen, sometimes coloured pencils, otherwise I usually just sketch... then sometimes add colour.
I like to sing, act, write (fictional/young adult/teenage stuff, story-wise), write poetry, write song lyrics (and maybe a little music itself, just started a few piano pieces, lol), watch movies, hang on the computer, used to collect rocks, surf, skate, tom-boy stuff (lol), i also-- no way, really?!-- like to draw, mainly anime. so... with that, hello world (dragoart)... here i come.
Favourite books
so... many... Gone series, Hush,Hush series, Series of Unfortunate Events, Kissed by an Angel series, Dark Secrets series, North of Beautiful, more...
Favourite movies
Ok, really? There are WAY too many to list... Well, here's a few... The Breakfast Club, Definitely,Maybe,Fast & Furious, Easy A, Inception, Unlimited, Indiana Jones, '007, Overboard, Just Go With It, (gosh theres so many) Super 8, more...
Favourite music
So many... Rock, "Liberal", Dubstep, Electronic, Hip-Hop, Alternative, 3OH!3 (i give them their own genre, haha), some Rap, not much Country (only like Taylor Swift... ok and some Carrie Underwood I guess...), some Metal, Hard-Rock (some), Christian Alternative and Rock (Skillet, Flyleaf, etc,), I basically listen to whatever really, whats hot, on the charts, what my friends crank up in the music room (lol, my friends band, lol), oh. and I like String music (ie, Vitamin String Quartet, some Symphonies i guess...), and Piano, but mainly piano or symphony pieces, popular in movies (i suppose im a movie buff, lol), such as Hans Zammer (YES!!), oh and basically almost anything. I steer to Hip-Hop/R&B/Rap and Alternative/Rock/Metal(ish), and recently (thanks ryan, xD) Dubstep/Electronic. Some bands i must mention/currently on my playlists: 3OH!3, Panic! At the Disco, Flyleaf, Skillet, Relient K, Breaking Benjamin, Linkin Park, Fallout Boy, Blue October, Skrillex, Ember Waves, Bassnectar, Red Jumpsui