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24, Male
United States
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Turned 18 on 7/1/11 :) You will never find me using any color on any of my artwork, I find it unnecessary, and yes, I am aware of its importance. I am very very nice, if you are an awesome person I will automatically like you xD. I believe strongly in the 2nd amendment, "The right to bear arms." I've done lots of research and statistics on the subject and it's something I heavily cherish. Don't get me wrong I'm not like some evil, "shoot 'em up." guy, I just want people to be protected and safe. I'm very old fashioned.
Tools of the trade
A regular pencil, nothing but.
I draw a lot, I love every form of art for the most part, claymation, media arts, media design, computer applied art like, Game art, 3D Animation, Graphic Design/Art. I research guns and study their structure, I have an interest in Firearm development, I have an enormous interest for weaponry.
Favourite books
Favourite movies
Favourite music
I listen to metal, mostly Metallica, lots of System of a Down, and some Five Finger Death Punch. Rolling Stones, The Doors, Guns 'n Roses, I love the old kind of music, the kind of music before it was tainted by people like Justin Beiber and those Jonas Brothers...ELO, Red Flag, Woodkid, The Killers, Aerosmith, AFI, Muse, Atomic Tom, Blue Oyster Cult, Cee Lo Green, Daft Punk, Dr. Dre, Slipknot, Journey, Led Zeppelin, Drowning Pool, and Serj Tankian's solo ablums, Elect the Dead and Imperfect Harmonies.