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22, Female
New Zealand
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I've been drawing since i was 7 years of age. its a natural bon talent and i try to help others with it. im a year 11 this year in high school ^-^ and have joined art and digital tech to help more with drawing "s"
Tools of the trade
push pencils (size 0.7 leads) Red and black Hb pencils. Smiggle pencils <3
Drawing, dancing, ict stuff, texting, going on imvu "D ect ect..
Favourite books
i dont read much but fav author is "LOUIS SACHAR!!!!" ahh i love his books. not many but they are very intreging soz i cant spell to save myself xD
Favourite movies
any kind of horror or a good comedy is my favs. um to pick my 3 favs on both types it would have to be.. horrors: 1.the exorsist 2.all saw movies 3.resident evil movies
Favourite music
avenged sevenfold, three days grace, nickleback, metallica, korn, bloodhouse gang xD , bruno mars, dead by april ect ect..
cant remember log in soz..
private "D