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23, Female
United Kingdom
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Hi, I'm rko_kat, or just kat. If you know what rko stands for its pretty self explanitery about what i enjoy. If you dont know what rko is I'll tell you. An RKO is a finishing move by pro wrestler Randy Orton from WWE (wwf in the old days)so its pretty lear i like WWE a lot. and of course drawing and colouring. I'm a girl, HI!, I'm 16, and i live in UK. Pretty much it lol.
Tools of the trade
penciles, rubber, sharpner, black pen, biro, and colour penciles
Drawing, Writting, Reading, Singing Badly To All The Bands Abouve lol ^.^, WWE, Texting, Tattoos! I <3 Tattoos! Pepsi, love Pepsi soooo much! The Peeps On Here, Without you i wouldn't be able to draw! Erm being totally random really xx Kat
Favourite books
Morganvile Vampires House Of Night Harry Potter Darren Shan Saga Blue Bloods Immortals Twilight anything with vampires werewolves and magic.
Favourite movies
WWE's Legendery. Harry Potter Twilight Vampire Knight/Vampire Knight Guilty. 2012 Darren Shan Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging Alice In Wonderland 2010 Avatar And more!
Favourite music
Any song from WWE My Chemicaal Romance Limp Bizkit Fall Out Boy All Time Low Linkin Park MetroStation Avened Sevenfold any band/ artist from Kerrang! really