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21, Female
United States
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I. Am. Me. Got that? Me is.... hmmm.... kind of emo. I mean, just not the cutting side of it. It's weird, cause all my friends are too...well, two of 'em. They're good drawers too. I LUV to draw anime, very odd houses, and fantasy scenes. Fantasy scenes because i want to eskape to those places i make. Away from all of those dull teachers and deceiving friends. Well, only some of my friends are like that. Other than that, they're pretty cool. I also like doing photoshoots with them. We dress funny, serious, or in our usual attire, and take pics. That's all, really....ummmm im 13, and i live in the clouds. There. You. have. it. who do you think you are? Running around leaving scars...Collecting your jar of hearts...Tearing love apart...You're gonna catch a cold...From the ice inside your soul...
Tools of the trade
I use: My Tablet, A pencil, a VERY full pen (sometimes it leaks....randomly...) , watercolor pencils, and just regular woodless colored pencils.
Soccer, Drawing (of course), Writing, playing video games,making dolls, Doing photoshoots with my friends.
Favourite books
Emily the Strange, Mocking Jay, Hunger Games, Left Behind, Beautiful Creatures,
Favourite movies
Inception, Second Chance, Beetlejuice, Hide and Seek,
Favourite music
Linkin Park, Skillet, Barlowgirl, Breaking Benjamin, BVB (ish), Avenged Sevenfold, annnnnnd Vocaloid (ish, again), Green Day,Three days Grace, Demon hunter, Pillar, 10 years, and i'll only say that much cause there's wayyyyy more but i dont want to waste my time...
not telling....
umm i used to have one, but somehow, it's blocked so... GR
one question... WHY?!
not telling X3
no way.