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22, Male
United States
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Im a type of guy who draws different types of styles. I have been drawing ever since I was 5 years old since my dad would teach me. My uncle also taught me how to draw. I will mostly be posting artwork rather than tutorials since my style is complicated to teach. But still, I might post a few tuts. Note, if you spam or troll on any of my things, you will be blocked, if I can do that on this site.
Tools of the trade
0.5 hb mechanical pencil, 0.9 hb mechanical pencil, Dry Eraser
Guitar, Drums, Bass, Paino, Drawing anime and my own style
Favourite books
Favourite movies
I havent watched movies in years....
Favourite music
Megadeth, Metallica, Testament, Slayer, Anthrax, Annihilator, King Diamond, Jeff Beck, Chuck Berry, Shinedown, Overkill, Whiplash, Evile, Tantara, Akira Yamaoka, Silent Hill Soundtrack, Mastadon, All That Remains, Still Remains, Black Dahlia Murder, As Blood Runs Black, Echo Brain, Metal Church