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34, Female
United Kingdom
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I live in Wales (UK) & due to my disabilites I draw a lot to keep myself busy & happy. I love learning new drawing styles & I like browsing the great tutorials on here.
Tools of the trade
I mainly draw fantasy & manga so most of my drawing materials are fine liner pens, fountain pens, charcoal pencils, graphite pencils. I also love to paint with acrilic paints & enjoy drawing on acetate paper. In the last year I have been experiementing with sketchbook pro on the iPad using a pogo sketch stylus. Ocaasonially I use my Wacom Tablet Intuos4, but I havent found any art software that I get along with yet. *UPDATE* I have purchased sketchbook pro on the new mac app store for my Macbook - fantastic saving on the software compared to the sketchbook website. For the last week I have been using soley sketchbook pro on the mac with my wacom intuos 3 graphics tablet. Fantastic software & I'm hoping that I will soon have artwork to be very proud of on my computer.
Drawing, gaming, reading.
Favourite books
Harry potter, skullduggery pleasant series, farside galleries comics, marvel comics, calvin & hobbes.
Favourite movies
Disney films epecially the nightmare before christmas, marvel films & a lot more (will update later).
Favourite music
Rock, film soundtracks